Parnell to Sign Bills by Local Lawmakers into Law in Soldotna Today

Governor Sean Parnell will be in Soldotna today, and during his time on the Kenai Peninsula, Parnell is set to sign bills by State House Speaker Mike Chenault and House Labor and Commerce Chair Kurt Olson into law.


Parnell will sign House Bill 30 by Speaker Chenault, which brings back performance reviews of state departments and agencies that were scrapped in the 1980s. The bill calls for each department to be reviewed once every ten years to make sure they are complying with their missions, core values, upholding their constitutional duty, and aren’t being duplicative.


HB 198 by Rep. Olson will also be signed into law, and allows the Commissioner of the AK Department of Natural Resources the discretion to grant lease extensions to companies of up to five years, provided the extension is in the best interest of the state. Extended leases could not total more than 10 years.


Parnell will also autograph, SB7, sponsored by Senator Cathy Giessel, a bill aimed at reducing tax liability for Alaskan corporations. Under the bill, corporations that take in a taxable income of under $25,000 a year would no longer be subject to state taxes.

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