Parnell Signed Silver Alert Legislation Into Law Yesterday

Governor Sean Parnell yesterday signed legislation that will help in the recovery of missing and vulnerable adults.

House Bill 59, dubbed the Silver Alert and sponsored by Representative Max Gruenberg of Anchorage, requires the Department of Military and Veterans Affairs, as well as, the Department of Public Safety to develop and implement notification plans to more quickly locate missing vulnerable adults.

Governor Parnell signed the legislation at the Anchorage Senior Activity Center.

Parnell said that this bill will place in statute and more fully implement a valuable public notification system to help ensure the search for Alaska’s missing vulnerable adults happens quickly and efficiently.

29 states currently have a Silver Alert or similar program for the recovery of missing vulnerable adults. These states have seen a success rate of nearly 95 percent.

In 2015 the population of Alaskans aged 60 and older is estimated to be 100,000, and by 2024 the population is expected to grow to 155,000.


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