Parnell Says ‘Cracks’ in Obamacare Too Risky for Expansion

Governor Parnell today put an end to speculation about the expansion of Medicaid in Alaska, speaking plainly of the federal government’s track record…


Gov. Parnell: “The decision comes down to this: can states trust the federal government to not cut and run on its share of the cost? Currently, Alaska’s Medicaid system covers 140,000 Alaskans and it costs the state $1.5 billion. It’s about $11,000 per Alaskan covered. It’s already one of Alaska’s biggest and most costly government programs. By 2020, without expanding the program to people who are up to 138 percent of the federal poverty level, the existing program is expected to grow and project to grow from $1.5 billion to $2.5 billion.”


The Governor’s kept the details of his decision quiet until now, saying he didn’t want to hand out information ‘piecemeal'; however, he had plenty to say about Obamacare today…


Gov. Parnell: “Each time one interdependent piece of Obamacare did not work, the President went about changing the law unilaterally… the President promised lower premiums, premiums are now more costly… that fragile fiscal framework that Obamacare relies on is cracking… I believe a costly Medicaid expansion, especially on top of the broken Obamacare system, is a hot mess.”


Parnell said Congress needs to put pressure on the Administration to bring back individual choice. He said Alaska’s current healthcare priority is accessibility, which includes more than just insurance.


The Governor plans to release details of recent studies on Medicaid through his website.

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