Parnell Re-Authorizes Military Force Advocacy and Structure Team

Governor Sean Parnell is extending a team aimed at maintaining and expanding the military presence in the State of Alaska.

Parnell first created the Military Force Advocacy and Structure team by administrative order in December 2009, a new order this week, keeps the group in place.

Gov. Parnell re-appointed eight-team members: General Thomas Katkus, the head of the Alaska National Guard; former Commerce Commissioner Loren Lounsbury; Jim Dodson of the Fairbanks Economic Development District; John Katz, who was the Governor’s Liaison in Washington D.C. for decades. Parnell also re-appointed, some retired generals: Former Joint Chiefs Vice-Chairman Joe Ralston, University of Alaska President Pat Gamble, Retired University President Mark Hamilton; and Retired Coast Guard Rear Admiral James Underwood.

Parnell credits the team’s recommendations with securing funds for a railroad extension to Port Mackenzie, as well as, the Kodiak Launch Complex.

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