Parnell: One Step Closer to Economic Opportunity with Increased Production

As we reported, the Alaska State Senate last week, passed SB 21, Governor Sean Parnell’s proposed changes to the state’s oil tax policy. Governor Parnell said that Alaskans are one step closer to realizing more economic opportunity through increased oil production…


Gov Parnell: “Although oil production in Alaska has been declining over the past decade, SB 21 offers an Alaska comeback in oil production. The Senate-passed measure will put us on a path to reclaiming our standing as America’s greatest oil-producing state. As Senator Cathy Giessel(R-S. Anchorage) said on the Senate floor, “This is about the progress of Alaska, our private-sector economy, and its potential growth.” I commend her and her colleagues in the Senate who voted for Alaska’s future, not status quo decline. We know Alaskans are ready to start competing again with other jurisdictions that have eclipsed our state in oil production and industry investment. Our goal is to ensure every Alaskan has opportunity, opportunity for a job or opportunity to start a business. We know the prosperity of our state’s economy is directly tied to the strength of Alaska’s oil production.”


Parnell, did urge representatives to keep the framework intact as the House considers the Senate-passed legislation…


Gov. Parnell: “Improvements can be made, but they should be made by adjusting existing dials and levers in the bill, not complicating an otherwise simple proposal.”

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