Parnell Commends Senate’s Oil Tax Reform Passage

Governor Sean Parnell, last night, applauded the State Senate’s passage of oil tax reform in the form of SB 21, saying that for three years, Alaskans have watched from the sidelines as competing jurisdictions eclipsed our state in terms of oil production and industry investment. Alaskans sought a fair and competitive oil tax system that brings new jobs and investment to the oil-rich North Slope.

Parnell said that the Senate took bold action to increase production and fill the pipeline, and  thanked them for heeding the concerns of Alaskans, for understanding the urgent need for reform, and for acting in the interest of Alaska’s long-term prosperity.

The governor noted, that as the bill moves to the state house, he will continue to weigh changes against his four guiding principles…


Gov Parnell: “One, that any change must be fair to Alaskans; two, it must encourage new production; three, it’s got to be simple so it restores balance to the system; and four, it must be competitive and durable. Alaskans deserve to reap the benefits of our oil and not passively accept status quo decline. Any legislation that meets my four guiding principles will not only have my support, it will get my signature.”



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