Parnell Calling for More Federal Exploration in ANWR

Alaska Governor Sean Parnell says the nation would feel an “economic boom” if more federal lands were unlocked for energy development.

His comments came in the Republicans’ weekly address, which was released Saturday.


Parnell used the national platform to focus on energy, and to call on the White House and Congress to do more to open up federal lands for development. He noted the state’s recent proposal to help fund efforts to determine the true oil and gas potential in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, which is off-limits to development.

He said that’s one example of how Republican governors are “trailblazing the path to the future.”


Gov. Parnell: “Now Alaska developed a comprehensive oil and gas exploration proposal for the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, otherwise known as ANWR. It details a seven-year exploration plan to complete studies and exploration on this federal land. And for this effort, I’m prepared to seek up to $50 million to help the federal government pay for developing this valuable information from its own land.”


He also noted changes to oil taxes and permitting recently approved by Alaska’s legislature, which he said are aimed at creating more opportunities for Alaskans.

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