Palin Not Running For Senate

U.S. Senator Mark Begich is facing some stiff opposition to his bid for re-election next year, but there’s one high-profile candidate he can cross off the list: Sarah Palin.


Palin: “It doesn’t have to be me. There are thousands of good Alaskans with that servant’s heart and the ability and the desire to serve ‘We the People.’ It doesn’t have to be me. I do think it’s kind of hilarious though that Mark Begich seems to want to use my name as his fundraising tool so often with his far-left friends, because every time I speak about this issue, he’ll fire off emails and fundraising pleas, saying, ‘Sarah Palin’s talking about taking my job.'”


While that sounds definite, Palin continued to say that she doesn’t plan to run at this time, but would “never say never in this case.”

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