Outlook Forum Hears of Booming Kenai Peninsula Growth

Today’s Industry Outlook Forum is aptly themed, ‘Kenai Peninsula Opportunities Abound.’


The morning started with a presentation on Kenai Peninsula Borough growth by state economist Alyssa Shanks…


Shanks: “I’ve been looking at the Kenai Peninsula for several years, so it’s not as surprising to me when I see the growth and those kind of things that’s happening here. What continues to surprise me is just the amount of growth.”


Shanks said employment rates are rising, with the fastest growing industries oil and gas, healthcare, and construction.


Shanks: “When I look at the data from behind my computer screen, I am generally surprised at just the sheer amount of growth and the high level of activity that’s going on on the Peninsula, and especially when we compare it to other boroughs and census areas, there’s a lot of activity in the Borough that’s really not happening in most of the other boroughs and census areas in the state.”


The Kenai Peninsula Borough also has the second-most affordable homes in the state, since it only takes 1.3 average Kenai incomes to afford the average Kenai mortgage.


Ed Post, who works for Baker Hughes, said that caught his attention…


Post: “I’m a homeowner here and I was kind of interested in the prices, the home values. Just was curious to see, and was not surprised there, but the growth, I think it’s just the beginning of it here, the next couple years will be a big deal with the LNG and the pipeline.” 


Post said he feels homes in Kenai are very reasonably priced.

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