Ostrander Discusses Task Force Future Amid Repeal Efforts

Posted: April 1, 2013 at 6:59 am

As we reported, one member of the Borough Assembly, Kelly Wolf, has an ordinance up for introduction tomorrow night, to repeal the borough’s anadromous streams protection ordinance. We asked Borough Chief of Staff and task force facilitator, Paul Ostrander what would be the next step then for the administration’s task force…


Ostrander: “If there is an ordinance that Mr. Wolf introduces that asks for repeal, than obviously, if that passes the assembly, than the task force recommendation, I guess, wouldn’t be valid.”


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3 Comments to “Ostrander Discusses Task Force Future Amid Repeal Efforts”

  • Joe says:

    Kelly Wolf is an idiot! We need to protect our salmon streams or the economy in this area will collaspe.

  • Ed says:

    Joe, the only idiot(s) are those that think stealing property owners rights without just compensation and/or operation of law is going to protect our resources! You must not own property in this Boro or land effected by the duplication of government regulation. Glad you feel you can afford the cost I don’t and please don’t spend my money for this waste.

  • Joe says:

    Ed, I own Kenai Riverfront property and I am proud to protect the salmon habitat. Hell, permits are easy to get and the Feds will even pay for much of the habitat work!! Can’t beat that with a stick.