Ostrander Awarded Legislative Citation for Service

16-year-old Allie Ostrander today was presented with a Legislative Citation by State Senator Peter Micciche, which mirrors the Prudential Youth Award she won for organizing the Salmon Run Series…


Ostrander: “Last year, we raised over $5,00 and that went to researching Reed Canary Grass, but this year our goal is $6,000 and that will go to their education programs at the Watershed Forum.”


Ostrander’s project was one of the many local environmental initiatives which have come from the Caring For The Kenai competition, organized by Merril Sikorski…


Sikorski: “It’s hard to interview these kids without getting choked up, because there is a real emotion there. It’s given me a life that’s bigger than any life I could deserve, and I just keep on doing it and it shows that if we give the kids an opportunity, if we set a level of achievement for them, they’ll clear it and then some.”

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