One Month Left In Second Round of Paint the Kenai

Paint the Kenai is entering its final month of current voting. Local residents are asked to choose one of the 12 semi-finalists that made it through the first round of voting. Some of the current submissions include sunset scenes, montages of local landmarks, interpretive scenes of community activities.


We spoke to Johna Beech, Executive Director of the Kenai Chamber of Commerce…


Beech: “Starting on June 15 through July 26th, we will actually open it up for people to submit for people to submit where they’d like to see the mural at. The next six-weeks, then people can come back in and vote on the twelve mural submissions in this round, plus they can also come in and submit where they’d like to see a mural in the town, and then the next voting stage after that, the community will vote on the submissions. So the community is the one that actually decides not only what the mural is, but where the mural will be.”


Locations should be prominent places in the community, with plenty of public access.

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