One Group of Alaskans Stood Out in the Annual Honesty Index

The soft drink company Honest Tea, recently completed their annual Honesty Index, where they put a rack with bottles of the companies iced teas in a public location with a sign saying, $1 per bottle, honor system, with a box for the money, but no one to enforce the payments.


Goldman: “ We had some people from our company who were incognito with an iPad who were tracking all the results, every time someone would walk up,  they’d watch to see if they put money in the box or not.”


Seth Goldman, Co-founder of Honest Tea said that in one category, the 49th state stood out…


Goldman: “In Alaska, 100% of the women were honest.”


Goldman said that this years index showed that as a whole, the U.S. has an honesty rate of 92%.

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