One Dead After Kenai Spur Highway Accident

Posted: February 21, 2013 at 9:30 am

The Kenai Spur Highway was closed, just around 8:00am, due to a serious two-vehicle accident. We got details this morning, from CES Captain Terry Bookey..


Capt. Bookey: “At 7:56 this morning, CES was called to a two-vehicle car crash at Mile 3.5 of the Kenai Spur Hwy. Units arrived 10 minutes later, about 8 minutes later actually, and found there was a minivan that hit a small two-door car. The occupant of the car was declared deceased on scene and the occupant of the minivan was transported to Central Peninsula Hospital for what appears to be non life threatening injuries.”


The Alaska State Troopers expect their investigation into the accident to leave the highway closed until roughly 10:00am.


For more, read: Identity of Kenai Spur Victim Confirmed.

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12 Comments to “One Dead After Kenai Spur Highway Accident”

  • Kathy says:

    I was at the top of the hill behind a truck shortly after the accident happened (judging from the time the report said). The traffic was stopped, but moving slowly as cars continued to dirve by the accident. When I got to where I could see it, there was a lot of damage to one car. I was appalled at the way that people were just driving by without stopping before the police and troopers arrived.
    What is up with people? You see a bad accident with no police there, and just drive by? It did look like there were one or two cars stopped – good for them! For the rest who drove by, hope you are never in that situation as people ignore it and go on their way.

    My condolences to the person who did not survive, and praise to the people who did stop to help.

  • I was on my way to work in soldotna , when i got stopped in the traffic. I was hoping that it was just a a little accident nothing big, just have traffic drive by. But when they started turning people around. My heart sunk little. I knew then that it was not a little accident. As i was turning around i saw my sister in law in line. All i could was pry for the people that was in the accident, and thank the lord that it was not me or my sister in law or mother in law. We drive to soldotna every morning. My pryers are with the families of the people involved in the accident. Godbless u guys.

  • me says:

    Oh come on Kathy.

    No one wants to stop and see a body. Especially if they have kids in the car. Most people are not doctors or trained for something severe as a wreck.

  • bobby jo says:

    Did you stop Kathy?

  • Guy says:

    I knew the girl who was in the car. RIP.

  • Laura says:

    To me. That’s just a rude comment. It’s polite to stop and check if everyone is ok or not, I have kids and when I see a person in the ditch or accident I stop and walk up to the scene so my kids don’t have to see anything.
    My condolences to the family and friends

  • Jordan says:

    Rest peacefully Shelby!! Everyone misses you so much. You were too young, you had the rest of your life ahead of you. Everyone’s in so much heartache that you’re gone. I hope you’re doing okay in heaven. God called for an angel, you should fit right in! My condolences to your family and loved ones. We will all miss you Shelby. Que sera sera.

  • been there says:


    Your comment is disturbing. 911 dispatchers are trained to walk non-trained people through procedures to render potentially life-saving aid to those that are injured until help arrives. If you were the one in the car and people just passed you by, even if you were dying wouldn’t you want at least someone by your side?

    Also, what are you teaching your children by not helping? You are teaching them that avoiding personal inconvenience is more important that helping a human being.

  • Robin says:

    If there is at least one vehicle at a accident before emergency services are there then that can sometimes be enough. There are times when to many cars are stopped and they themselves may cause even more accidents. I’m sorry for the ONE soul we now have lost and am thanking the one person who did stop. Hope the others at the hospital are ok. My prayers are with all.

  • Shaun says:

    To the gal who commented on people not stopping. Well first off I was ther within about 1-2 min of the accident happening and I almost rear ended the guy in front of me. Luckily know body was was coming in the opposite lane therefore using the middle of the road to get stopped while just barely sliding past the truck in front of me before I came to a stop. People need to use common sense as to where the accident is as 2-3 people stopped to help was more than enough considering the more cars stopped the more dangerous the situation gets. So before you spout about how in thoughtful people are, you should really think about if stopping would help or cause more accidents. Like I said Common sense.

  • sheila says:

    Someone died. Is it really necessary to do the woulda shoulda thing and not everyone reacts perfectly in these situations. My condolences to the family

  • Tracy K says:

    I was the first responder to Shelby’s car this morning. This was my first fatal auto accident to try to assist . I am trained in CPR, but I was afraid to move her to cause her any additional harm. I talked to her the whole time while trying to check her pulse or seeing if there were any breaths being taken. Just in case she could hear me I didn’t want her to be scared or feel alone.

    The whole time I was thinking this is someone’s daughter, friend possibly wife or girlfriend. I just wish I was able to do more. I know I couldn’t of changed the outcome but feel heartbroken for the family & friends. I know in my heart of hearts that she felt no pain and was gone instantly.