On Wednesdays, CES Wears Pink

Central Emergency Services members will soon incorporate a new color into their uniforms on Wednesdays: pink.


Brad Nelson with CES said for years they have worn red T-shirts on Fridays to support military members and have had suggestions for cancer awareness tees, but one thing solidified the plan.


Nelson: “Tragedy struck and it kind of hit home for us, one of our members’ wives was diagnosed with cancer, so now it’s not just a good cause to support but it’s actually something that affects all of us, ya know we talk about the fact that the fire department is a family and it really is true.”¬†



Nelson said CES members are buying the tees themselves and additional proceeds will go to Way Out Women.


Nelson: “Which does a bunch of things to support local patients with cancer whether it’s helping with babysitting or helping with¬†transportation, they do an annual snow machine ride, so just something that helps with local patients which we though was a great organization and the wife of the firefighter, that was an organization she chose for the proceeds to go to.”




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