Oil Tax Reform Group Calling on Gov. Parnell to Sign Petition

Friday, the group, Vote Yes! Repeal the Giveaway, called upon Governor Sean Parnell to sign the petition and allow Alaskans to vote on repealing Senate Bill 21, the governor’s oil tax reform bill that critics hail as a giveaway.


Former Fairbanks Mayor Jim Whitaker said that Alaskans, especially from the Interior, deserve a vote on the “giveaway.”


Whitaker said that the group doesn’t expect Governor Parnell to retract his support from what they’re calling terrible legislation, but they say that surely he can agree that Alaskans deserve a vote on this important issue.


Group organizers noted that the new tax bill will make it significantly harder to reduce energy prices in Fairbanks.


Whitaker is a prime sponsor of the referendum.


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