Oil Industry Boosting Local Businesses

With development in oil and gas exploration around the Inlet heating up, local businesses say they’re seeing the economic benefits.


Mike Sweeney with Sweeney’s Clothing in Soldotna…


Sweeney: “There’s a lot of those young men that’re working out there, or even middle-aged guys. They’re shopping.”


Sweeney said he’s been adapting his business to meet the growing demand…


Sweeney: “What we’ve done is we’ve brought in more flame-resistant clothing. We’re buying from Carhartt and Bulwark and we’ve seen a big increase in this in the last two years, and I’m trying to meet the needs and I think we’re doing a pretty good job.”


He wouldn’t comment on the nation as a whole, but Sweeney said the economy in Alaska is looking pretty good.

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