Odie’s Replacing PJ’s at Kenai Airport

Odie’s Deli will soon be opening a second restaurant, replacing PJ’s Diner in the Kenai Airport. Mayor Pat Porter said she was excited to see the lease approved at last night’s City Council meeting…


Mayor Porter: “I understand that Odie’s will be opening up about mid-January. I’m not quite sure about the hours and we’ll be hearing about that a little bit more in the future and what their menu’s going to be like, but pretty much everybody here in our community’s familiar with Odie’s, and so they come with a great reputation, and I’ll probably be one of the first people in the door to sit down there and enjoy my meal.”


The lease will run $38,400 a year through 2018. City Manager Rick Koch expressed it was a little below “market value,” but it was the only bid received. Council Member Tim Navarre said that since it was the only bid, it technically is market value.

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