October 8th, 2013

Think About It……                                                                         October 8, 2013

The government “slim down” has sadly become a cynical political pawn in the hands of Obama and his cohorts.  Team Obama is doing everything in its power to make Americans “feel” the hurt…..to feel the full impact of the shutdown.  Consider this:

They have closed the Washington Zoo…..all National Parks have been closed and many more government controlled places that the people enjoy.  The Miami Hearld said the Park Service went so far as to close 1,100 square miles of ocean off of the coast of Florida due to the government shutdown. The paper called this a “prime fishing” area that will be closed “until further notice”.

Government officials even attempted to barricade the parking lot of Mount Vernon before the barricades were removed because George Washington’s home is privately run. Team Obama took the Amber Alert website off line because of the government “shut down”.

The fact is, President Obama, Harry Reid and the Democrats will do anything in their power to ensure that nothing stands in the way of ObamaCare.  They prefer a government shutdown over any discussion or compromise on ObamaCare. Our President will not even consider giving you and me, at the very least, the same one year delay in implementation of the individual mandate that they have already given to Unions and Businesses, with over 50 employees.

Many people in the know have exposed ObamaCare as an economic catastrophe and an ominous threat to our fundamental liberties. But not our own Democratic Senator Mark Begich.

Senator Mark Begich is not working for you. Instead, he is working with Senator Harry Reid and Obama to save ObamaCare at any cost. Even if it means continuing the government shut down.

Senator Mark Begich needs a call from you. Call or email him today and tell him that you want the shutdown to end with his vote to defund ObamaCare.

Again, if the Democrats, including Obama, Reid and Begich have their way, they will succeed in
blaming” the government “shut down” on Republicans and avoid all together the real issue which is ObamaCare and the unacceptable $17 trillion in debt, which we, our children and grand-children will face as it brings our great country to its knees.

Think About It!    John C. Davis   10-8-13

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