October 30th, 2013

Think About It…..                                                                                          October 30, 2013

After being a Republican State for so long with the likes of Stevens, Frank Murkowski and Don Young, it seems we have definitely turned the corner in Alaska.  Is that two Democrats I seen in the U. S. Senate??

Frank’s daughter seems to be trying to be a left wing Democrat. Democrat Mark Begich seems to be trying to present himself as at least a conservative if not a pseudo-republican. And Don Young?… Even he caved in to vote for increasing our nation’s debt to over 17 trillion dollars by voting to cow-tow to Senate Democrats and end the government shutdown last week.

One has to wonder what is going on?….and what will happen to our once great nation.

Lisa Murkowski after getting the scare of her life in losing in the last Primary Election to Joe Miller and then winning the Senate in the General probably feels she has to lean more to the left, the liberal side of her party. So, it’s no wonder that she does everything possible to distance herself from the conservative Heritage Foundation and Ted Cruz side of the Republican Party. Cruz is a very conservative Republican from Texas, and Heritage Action, the political arm of the Foundation, pushed hard for the shut down of the government as a way to defund Obama Care. Murkowski made sure she was nowhere near those conservative Republicans.

Mark Begich is a liberal Democrat through and through, and has supported Obama Care from the get go, even though a majority of Americans want to see the Affordable Care Act go away. However, knowing he has to face a mostly conservative Alaskan Electorate very soon, Begich appears to be trying very hard to put on a conservative face. That’s really hard to do when its his own Democratic party has; -not passed a budget in over seven years,  -refuses to address entitlement programs and cut government spending,  -is unconcerned about lowering out $17 trillion dollars in debt, and -will do whatever is necessary to shove Obama Care down the throats of the American people, like it or not.

It all makes one wonder what is really going on back in Washington. Both sides give lip service to fixing the budget crisis and the national debt, but not enough congressmen will stand firm to get something done. So…here it comes again! The final deal last week provides money for government until January 15th and once again raises the amount the government can borrow until February 7th.

One thing is sure….Our critical national debt of $17 trillion is not going away unless conservatives get more footing and take a stand once and for all. If next time is anything like last week, Murkowski, Begich and Young, our representatives, will join with liberal Democrats and send our country further down the road to unbelievable tough times in the near future.

Think About It!     John C. Davis    10-30-13

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