Obamacare Offline for Youth Sign-Up Day

If you’re between the ages of 18 and 34, Obamacare wants you.


Dept of Health and Human Services Secretary¬†Kathleen Sebelius recently urged officials to reach out to the young and uninsured…


Sebelius: “Certainly looking at events that may occur, and areas that might lend themselves to partnering with everybody from community colleges to other kind of campus events where there may be high target populations with the young and healthy uninsured and thinking of creative ways to reach out to them are very good.”


In Alaska, 5,082 individuals had signed up by Feb 1. Close to 28 percent of enrollees were in the youth age range – that’s the third highest rate in the country, just behind the District of Columbia (44%) and Massachusetts (31%).


This Saturday is scheduled as National Youth Enrollment Day, despite the fact the website will be down for regularly scheduled maintenance from 3pm EST that day until 5pm EST Tuesday.


Feb 15 was supposed to be the deadline to sign up for benefits starting March 1, but with the technical complications, the Administration has said any applications which are saved on Feb 15 and completed bu Feb 18 will still be eligible for those March benefits (for the full details on what steps to take, click here).


In Alaska, 86 percent of those who signed up will receive federal help in paying their premiums. The deadline to avoid a tax penalty is March 31.

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