Obamacare Deadline 8pm Tonight

The deadline to sign up for the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) will pass at 8pm AKST tonight.


Continued glitches with the healthcare.gov website have been well reported. This morning the Administration said tech experts were working overtime to get the site back online for the final day of enrollments.


For those who begin an application by 8pm tonight, there is some flexibility. The Administration says they will still accept late enrollments which were started before the deadline, but weren’t completed due to glitches. If your application isn’t finished by tonight, check the blue box at healthcare.gov to indicate which kind of glitch you experienced. The Administration says they’re operating on an honor system, with no one checking on whether applicants truly experienced a technical problem.


There are also deadline exemptions for anyone who suffered from a natural disaster, unresolved casework, is victims of domestic violence, was recently married, had a child or lost a job.


The penalty for not signing up starts at $95 per individual, or 1 percent of your income, whichever is higher. For children without insurance the penalty is $47.50 each, with a maximum of $285 per family.

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