Now, I think everyone realizes that the majority of the Borough Assembly members were just not getting along with Borough Mayor Dave Carey

If it ain’t broke…don’t try and fix it!!   That is a tribute to good old common sense and one our current Kenai Peninsula Borough Assembly  would have been well advised to follow that old adage earlier this year.  But they didn’t! They decided that they wanted to change our Kenai Peninsula form of government.

Now, I think everyone realizes that the majority of the Borough Assembly members were just not getting along with Borough Mayor Dave Carey.  There was just a lot of things they didn’t like about the way the Mayor was running Borough Government and the decisions he was making.   In fact, the Assembly members figured they should be the ones calling the shots.  They should be the ones in total charge.  They should be the ones actually running Borough Government .  They wanted to hold the reins of power.

The only way to do that was to change our Borough Mayor form of government that has served us so well for so many years.  They needed to have a Borough Manager that they, the Assembly, could hire, fire and control. They needed to make the Borough Mayor powerless.  They needed to make our elected Mayor nothing more than a figurehead.

That’s the question that will be facing you today in the voting booth.  “Shall the Kenai Peninsula Borough adopt a manager plan of government”?

Remember when you vote, that our Borough Mayor is elected by the borough electorate at large.  In other words, everyone in every district get to vote on the selection of our Borough Mayor.   The Assembly on the other hand are elected by district.  Each district is only a small part of the entire Borough.  Only the elected Borough Mayor represents the entire Borough.

The argument that the Borough Assembly is using to justify the change from an elected Mayor to a Manager appointed by the Assembly is that the business of the Borough demands the expertise of a professional bureaucrat.  Someone who has business training and experience.

That may be well and good, but what do we do if the Assembly hires a manager, who with no incentive to please the borough electorate, who fails to live up to the standards of borough voters?  Nothing!  Only the Assembly can hire and fire a Borough Manager.

We have had a long history of Borough Mayors, who have been elected by the people and have served us well.  And every four years we have the opportunity to “run them off” if we don’t like what they are doing.  And we have.  Then, just look at all the problems other Boroughs and Cities have had with their Managers.  The Mat-Su Borough is trying to change back to an elected Mayor form of government right now.

It just makes good common sense to vote NO on Proposition 2 and keep our Borough Mayor form of government.

Think About It!        JCD  10-05-10

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