November 20th, 2013

Think About It……..                                                                       November 20, 2013

Governor Sean Parnell last Friday made a really good decision. The governor joined 26 other states in refusing to sign up Alaska for expanded Medicaid under the coming disaster of Obamacare.

This expansion would primarily add lower-income single men, without dependents, to the Obamacare roster.  Now, remember that Denali Kidcare already covers many kids, pregnant women and families with a two-income limit of $33,000 and $9000.more for each additional person, so it is obvious that concern for the welfare of single men is not driving supporters. The drive of supporters is plain and simply more money for Alaska from the feds.

The federal government promises to pay 1 percent of the expansion’s premiums for the first two years and after that only 90 percent for new enrollees. We all need to join our governor in realizing that Medicaid currently costs the nation $450 billion a year, and the federal government is broke. Other important promises and assurances involved with Obamacare have already been broken. Many more will go by the wayside as the employer’s mandate kicks in and the Obama union waivers expire.

However, let’s assume Obama keeps his promises….for three years.  After that might some future congress or president change the distribution? Might our two huge piles of money (the Permanent Fund and the General Reserve) catch the attention of states with big debt problems and larger congressional delegations? Might they suggest Alaska is rich enough to pay a larger share?  I mean, isn’t that the goal of Obamacare….cost sharing? Why only among people? Why not the states?

Admittedly there are a number of Alaskans against the governor’s decision not to expand Obamacare not the least of whom is Democratic Senator Mark Begich. Call me a cynic but I think the good senator hopes to find another Alaskan politician to share responsibility of Obamacare.  He was  you will recall, the final vote for passage of Obamacare. Without Begich the Obamacare fiasco would not even exist. Without him the visceral anger and worry that is sweeping the nation would not exist. Without Begich there wouldn’t be 1000 Alaskans losing coverage for every 1 person that has enrolled in Obamacare. It’s easy to understand why he’d drag Parnell aboard as the train races off the cliff and why the governor won’t hop on his train.

We all want to help those who need assistance but government needs to be fiscally responsible, both the short and long run, or eventually the program can help no one.

Additionally, government is not the only source for aid.  Family, friends, churches and organizations can help and most often do a much better job for individuals. We seem to have forgotten fact that though some citizens have no health insurance, no one is without health care.

Think About It!    John Davis   11-20-13

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