Nothing New in Sportfish

We reported earlier that commercial fishermen will see additional openings this week, especially around Kasilof. That decision was made after a management meeting this afternoon at the Alaska Department of Fish and Game.


In the sportfisheries, Jason Pawluk, Assistant Area Management Biologist with the Sportfish Division, said there weren’t any new decisions…


Pawluk: “Nothing’s changing from what’s already out there. The Emergency Order are posted online. Nothing’s changing. We’re proceeding as we’ve been proceeding the past few days.”


According to the ADF&G website, the King count for July 15 was 544 fish, bringing this year’s cumulative total to 4,985. That number is comparable to the escapement seen on the same day in 2012, when 5,164 Kings had passed the sonar. Despite serious concerns last year, and an unusually late run, the Department did eventually meet its escapement goals for Kenai River Late Run Chinook.


Looking back a little further, on July 15 of 2011, 10,456 had escaped, but on the same day in 2010 it was back down to 5,610.


For the latest King counts, visit: ADF&G King Counts.

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