North Korea Orders Missiles Ready

North Korea is once again ratcheting up the tension, as the government-controlled media reports today it’s readying missiles units for an attack. At this stage, it’s not certain what the target is, or if the act is simply more “saber-rattling,” as NORAD’s Captain Jeff Davis has described in the past, but Davis said…


Capt. Davis: “What we have today, in place, is more than capable of defending against the threat today, and it’s going to be fine in the immediate future, as we have the interceptors at Ft. Greely [Alaska] and at Vandenberg Air Force Base [California]. The homeland is safe. If North Korea were to conduct a no-notice launch, we are confident we could defend the homeland.”


Davis said the threats are certainly something to be taken seriously, which is why the federal government has pledged an additional $1 billion in missile interceptors for Alaska.


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