Noon Iditarod Update

As of noon, we have 20 Iditarod finishers, leaving 30 still on the trail.


This time yesterday, we were reporting on Dallas Seavey’s record-breaking win…


Seavey: “I saw a headlight behind me and I thought it was my dad, and I crossed the finish line and I thought, ‘Well, I got third, I can be proud of that.’ It took me about a minute after being here to realize I won the Iditarod.”


Seavey was recognized by Senator Lisa Murkowski on the Senate floor yesterday…


Sen. Murkowski: “Isn’t it nice to know after all the years that your dad waited up for you, you get to wait up for your dad before you get to take a break here. 


Mitch Seavey, a Sterling resident, placed third yesterday.


Other Peninsula mushers:


Paul Gebhart: 27th

Kristy Berington: 31st

Danny Seavey: 36th

Travis Beals: 37th

Anna Berington: 39th

Monica Zappa: 49th

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