Nominations Open for BP Teachers of Excellence Award

The BP Teachers of Excellence program is currently taking nominations of outstanding teachers who are making a difference for young people.  Julie Hasquet with BP told us that the deadline to make these nominations is quickly approaching…


Hasquet: “BP Teachers of Excellence is a program that BP started in 1995 as a way to just recognize the outstanding educators we have all across the state. BP is very invested in building a workforce of Alaskans that can work in our state, and acknowledging the teachers who teach our young people every day is just a great way to build that workforce. So it’s become a very popular program, we like to expand it every year and get more people involved, we’re up against a February 15th deadline for nominations.


Hasquet told us that teacher nominations can be made online…


Hasquet: “The nomination process is very easy, we have a website, it’s, and all you do is you go on there, you fill out brief information about the teacher, and then it goes into the nomination system, so its super easy to do, We’d encourage folks to participate, think about that great teacher that’s making a difference for your child, of if you’re a teenager; you love a teacher at your high school. You might remember, last year, Homer High School had one our teachers of the year, Sean Campbell was awarded, and also we had Melissa Cloud [West Homer Elementary], Patrick Nolden [Soldotna High School], and Shelle Worsfold[West Homer Elementary], all local Kenai area teachers who were acknowledged, so we’re excited about doing it again this year, and we hope people will get involved.”


Each BP Teacher of Excellence receives a $500 gift card and an award certificate, in addition, the teacher’s school receives a matching $500.

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