No Normal for Alaskan Weather

When it comes to Alaskan weather, the National Weather Service says there is no normal. Meteorologist Sam Albanese told us that recent temperatures dipping as low as -18 at the KSRM Weather Center are ‘typical,’ though they’re below average…


Albanese: “Well, they’re below the normal average temperature, but they’re within what has historically been seen at the Kenai Airport. For the month of December in Kenai, the record lowest temperatures have been as low as 40 below, but you’ve also had temperatures as high as almost 50 above in December.”


Albanese said temperatures will rise closer to ‘average’ this weekend…


Albanese: “Right now, what we’re looking at is high pressure in the Interior, pushing that cold air out of the mainland, down across the southcentral region. So we’ve been colder, and the way things are looking, probably by this weekend we’re going to see things warm up.”


With the sub-zero temperatures has come some car troubles, read Be Proactive About Winter Car Health for more.

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