No New Openings in 8:45am Update

Management Biologist Pat Shields didn’t have any new commercial fisheries openings in this morning’s update…


Shields: “Good Morning, this is the Upper Cook Inlet Commercial Fishing Information Line. This message was recorded on Tuesday, July 22nd at 8:45 am. Emergency Order number 31, which was issued yesterday, opened drift gill netting in the Expanded Kenai, Expanded Kasilof, and Anchor Point sections today, July 22nd, from 7am until 7pm.

East Side Set Netters, this morning’s assessment did not reveal an abundance of sockeye salmon throughout the Upper Subdistrict, especially north of the Kasilof River, therefore we continue to monitor area beaches, waiting to use our 12 hours of fishing time.

As many of you know, today’s and tonight’s marine forecast is for south to southwest winds up to 25 knots and seas to 8 feet. We will have an announcement out later this morning regarding an extension of fishing time in the Kasilof River Special Harvest Area. 

Sockeye salmon escapement data for yesterday in the Kasilof River: 17,000 for a season total of 349,000. From midnight last night through 7am this morning, the estimate was 2,100. 

In the Kenai River, yesterday’s daily passage estimate was 64,000 for a season total of 494,000. This morning’s 7am estimate in the Kenai River was 16,000.

The Anchor Point test fish daily index on July 21 was 76, while the north test fish boat had a daily index on July 21 of 87.”

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