Nikiski Woman Cited for Feeding Moose Calf

Posted: March 6, 2013 at 7:36 am

The Alaska Wildlife Troopers have cited a woman for allegedly feeding game on her Kenai Peninsula Property.

Yesterday, the Wildlife Troopers based out of Soldotna issued the citation to 58-year-old Charmaine Lundy of Nikiski for feeding game.

Wildlife Troopers allege that Ms. Lundy had provided a bale of Alfalfa to feed a calf moose on her property.

Bail was set at $300.


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3 Comments to “Nikiski Woman Cited for Feeding Moose Calf”

  • Phil H says:

    Bail? Was she incarcerated?

  • Joe says:

    The Wildlife “Troopers” could have sent the office secretary out to write that citation. Don’t the wildlife troopers have anything better to do?

    We don’t ever see them making real cases out in the field or on the river.

  • ed says:

    If this calf moose was starving then I would call her act of kindness excusable!!! Go get a real offender!!