Nikiski Playground Grand Opening

The new Nikiski Playground is finally up and running this week, we spoke to Project Director Racheal Parra about the grand opening.


Parra: “We are just so excited to open this, its been in the works for about the past year and a half and we’ve got a lot of local flair on our playground we have an oil rig we have a tree house we have bears we have a fishing village and we have so many things to offer the peninsula and I think that the people will come out.”



State House Speaker Mike Chenault was there for the grand opening, we asked how this playground came to fruition.


Speaker Chenault(R-Nikiski): “Well I think that we were able to get some funding from the state and added it to money that Racheal and them were able to get from sponsors and others and they put together a nice little park where kids can come and enjoy it and parents can bring their kids here and they know its a safe place to just enjoy the day or even just an hour.”

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