Nikiski Man Nominated for Senior Service

Nikiski’s Bob Reichert has been nominated in the Salute to Senior Service Contest. If he wins, $5,000 goes to his favorite non-profit. Nominator Jenne Long said Reichert’s contribution to the community is priceless…


Long: “He does things like if people are in a situation where they can’t walk their dogs, but their dogs need to be walked, he’s walked several ladies’ dogs. If someone needs to have their stoop or their front step shoveled, he just goes by and does it, not because anybody asked, just because he thinks maybe they need it done. My business here has snow shoveling to do and he just comes by and does it. We have a water situation where we have to transport water, he brings us water so none of the ladies that are in our office have to do that.”


Long said she originally thought the contest would be decided by a panel of judges, but it’s actually a nationwide vote.

To vote for Bob, click here.

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