Nikiski Man Flown to Anchorage After ATV Crash

41-year-old Mark Souza of Nikiski was seriously injured in an early morning accident last Wednesday on North Miller Loop.


Kenai resident Peter Quinn was one of the first to find Souza…


Quinn: “got closer and saw a man lying on the road on his back. There was a three-wheeler sort of on top of him, not crushing him or anything. He was bleeding. We got out and had a look and he was breathing very heavily, unconscious, not responding to anything.”


Souza has been flown to Providence Hospital in Anchorage. Quinn said it appeared there was only the three-wheeler involved, though there were strange markings on the road nearby…


Quinn: “It looked like he wasn’t involved in any other accident at the time, because the three-wheeler was unmarked, so he hadn’t collided with anything, it was just right on the side of the road, but went past the next morning and you could see where the police had drawn a circle in pink around where he’d been lying, but then just before it there were some skid marks.”


Souza was reportedly not wearing a helmet at the time of the crash. Alcohol is suspected to be a factor.

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