Nikiski Man Charges with Felony Assault from Incident at Nikiski Pool

Posted: April 19, 2013 at 7:28 am

Last night, just before 6:25pm, Alaska State Troopers from Soldotna responded to the Nikiski Pool for the report of a disturbance.

The caller reported a male was intoxicated in the pool area causing a disturbance.  Subsequent investigation revealed 28-year-old Robert Moore Nikiski, had assaulted a ten-year-old boy in the pool area.  The unidentifed ten-year-old boy reportedly has a syndrome similar to Autism.

Mr. Moore was arrested and was transported to Wildwood Pretrial where he was remanded without bail on the charges of felony charge of Assault 3rd.

Moore provided a preliminary breath test at the jail with the result of .251, over three times higher than the legal limit of .08.

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2 Comments to “Nikiski Man Charges with Felony Assault from Incident at Nikiski Pool”

  • A Mom says:

    Absolutely disgusting. Someone would have to hold me back if he had done that to my child.

  • john q public says:

    why was this person allowed in the pool area? his blood alcohol level must have been obvious.