Nikiski Highway Clearing Drawing Moose to the Roadside

Instead of keeping moose away from traffic, a roadside clearing program in Nikiski is actually drawing wildlife to the area. Jeff Selinger with the ADF&G said freshly cut timber is a tempting meal for starving moose in Game Unit 15A.


Selinger: “We have real poor winter habitat here on the Kenai, and that’s mainly browse, and it’s woody twigs of certain species that moose use to get through the winter, and when they cut those trees down it exposes those upper branches and if they don’t get it cleaned up immediately, the moose will key in on that stuff and that’s what they’re feeding on. So it’s actually a little bit of supplemental natural browse for ‘em, so it’s not hurting the moose, but it will cause congregations of moose, so people who are driving in those areas should take extra precautions in looking out for moose.”


KSRM’s News Department counted 16 moose standing beside the road in a mile of North Miller Loop one evening. Selinger said this is a critical time for moose, and the extra browse should help them make it through.

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