Nikiski Family Loses Everything in Homecoming Fire

A fire in Nikiski at 8:30pm Saturday night consumed Kristine King’s home. She said she and her husband Don, joked about the fire engines at first…


King: “We took our daughter, who I am now taking care of, who’s paralyzed, to Homecoming and we seen the fire trucks leaving the fire station in Nikiski, and I said, ‘I hope that’s not our house,’ just saying. And we started heading home and our landlord called us and told us that the house had burned down. From the looks of it, it was our wood stove, because that was our only source of heat. We had a huge, huge wood stove down in the basement. They had dug down in the basement and put the wood stove in.”


Kristine’s daughter was paralyzed last July in a single vehicle rollover on the escape route. King said they were devastated when they got to the property and found everything inside had been destroyed, except for a few personal items. The family’s two young dogs, guinea pig and parakeet were trapped inside and died.


King: “I don’t know. I think I’m still in shock. We’ve got so much…we’ve got to replace everything, we’ve got to find a place to live, it’s just everything, because everything’s just gone. We have what basic clothes we could buy at Walmart, and I really don’t know right now. Pretty overwhelming.”


Don, a journeyman plumber, lost all his tools, around $5,000 in value, effectively putting him out of work. Tesoro gas stations in the area are collecting donations for the family, and Kristine said any plumbing tools would be gratefully received.

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