Nikiski Eyes Safety, Beautification at Community Meeting

The Nikiski Community Council met last night. Speaker of the State House Mike Chenault said there was a positive focus, with beautification of the area a high priority, as well as…


Speaker Chenault (R-Nikiski): “North road extension, that was brought up. Also, a community watch-type program and also policing powers, dealing with some of the things going on out in Nikiski and other areas of the state.”


Chevron also offered land for a Nikiski viewing area…


Speaker Chenault (R-Nikiski): “Community Council had been talking about trying to locate a spot of land on the bluff that they could use for a  public viewing area, and Chevron had some land across from the swimming pool and north pen recreation sites and so they had him come in and speak about that and what it might take in order to get some of that land.”


Chenault said there was also some discussion about water and soil contamination, with Kenai Peninsula Borough Mayor Mike Navarre on hand to describe how the Borough is using state funds to conduct water testing.

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