Nikiski Chosen for LNG Pipeline

A site in Nikiski has been chosen as the lead site for the proposed Alaska LNG project’s natural gas liquefaction plant and terminal. ExxonMobil, BP, ConocoPhillips and TransCanada made the announcement today that the $45-65 billion project is now focusing on Nikiski, pending the resolution of engineering, technical, regulatory, fiscal, commercial and permitting issues.


Nikiski’s State House Representative, Speaker Mike Chenault, said the route “makes sense.”


Chenaulst said: “Clearly these world-class companies have thoroughly evaluated the pros and cons of possible terminuses, and I’m not surprised that they find the Kenai to be the best choice.  All we need now is the go-ahead; let’s turn dirt.”


The project concept includes a gas treatment plant located on the North Slope, an 800-mile, 42-inch pipeline with up to eight compression stations and at least five off-take points for in-state gas delivery, and a liquefaction plant and terminal.


More than 20 locations were originally evaluated.

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