Nikiski Borough Candidate Debates

Nikiski Borough Candidates Wayne Ogle and Steve Chamberlain appeared on KSRM’s Debate Forum this morning hosted by Karen McGahan.


An important topic came about when both candidates were asked about their weaknesses.


Steve Chamberlain had this response.



Chamberlain: “The word on the street is that Steve is a hot head, that may be true but, I want people to that I’m not full of hot air. What I’m saying when I come on Soundoff over the last couple of years and tell people what I’ve found in my investigations, its not hot air, its factual information that I’ve found that let me to that point”.


Wayne Ogle responded.


Ogle: “Well I’m a do-er, I like to get things done and I think that a weakness that I would have is that I would be impatient to get it done, particularly when I believe strongly that it needs have gotten done, that’s something I work on as far as making sure the issue is followed by reason and persuasion”.


Tomorrow KSRM will feature the Kenai Mayoral debate forum at 9am followed by the Central Borough Candidate debate at 10am on KSRM 920 AM.

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