Nikiski Accident Victims Identified

We reported Sunday that a serious accident occurred on the Kenai Spur Highway in front of the M & M Market in Nikiski. At the time, Brian Liddol with the Nikiski Fire Department described…


Liddol: “A motorcycle t-boned a small SUV and the driver of the SUV was extracted and taken to CPH, the driver of the motorcycle was also taken to CPH.”


At this stage, both individuals appear to have survived the incident. Although the motorcycle hit the car, eye witnesses say its unlikely the rider was at fault.

The motorcycle rider has been identified as 20-year-old Bradly Luke of Nikiski. The motorcycle is listed as a 2004 black and yellow Honda. Luke was wearing a helmet at the time of the accident, but it was knocked off due to the force of impact. He was taken to CPH with life-threatening injuries.


73-year-old Delores McGahan was driving a green Oldsmobile Bravado. She sustained non-life-threatening injuries, and was taken to hospital.


Troopers currently believe the motorcycle was pulling out of the nearby Chevron and the Oldsmobile was turning onto the Spur from Nikishka Beach. As the motorcycle accelerated it appears to have hit the side of the Oldsmobile.


No one has been cited, since the investigation is ongoing.

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