New Sonar Technology Used in 2013 Draft King Escapement Goals

As we’ve reported, the Alaska Department of Fish and Game has released their 2013 draft king salmon escapement goals. We spoke to Sport Fisheries Biologist Robert Begich, who said that the new goals were put together with the new didson sonar technology…


Begich: “It is based on didson sonor information, one of the issues with the data is that we have just three-years of direct estimate didson sonar passage of king salmon, or the new multi-beam  sonar technology. What we’ve done with those three-years of direct estimate  is gone back in time and reconstructed the run since 1986, giving them what we call didson equivalent  or what those didson measured escapements would have been if we had ran didson at the time, so that’s the data we used to reconstruct those runs and do this analysis to come up with this escapement goal.”



Begich did say that the new goals have gained the attention of the public…


Begich: “Saying its not enough data, that it’s not conservative enough or un-conservative, or it’s not precautionary enough, and the number may be too low, because we haven’t seen escapements measured by didson that are just 15,000 fish, so we don’t know what they produce. You can weigh in on the web page, give department staff a call here in Soldotna, regionally headquarters wise[262-9368], and participate in process of formulating the regulations for the Kenai River.”


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