Newcomb Accepts Plea Deal in Indecent Exposure Case

Posted: March 8, 2013 at 6:37 am

37-year-old Adam J Newcomb of Kenai accepted a plea agreement early this week in Kenai District Court.

According to court documents, Newcomb agreed to plead guilty to one count of indecent exposure, and the plea agreement states that Newcomb will face a four-year prison sentence with two years suspended. The plea deal also calls for Newcomb to serve five years probation on top of an additional three year extension to his current probation.

As we reported, Newcomb was arrested on October 1st 2012, following multiple reports of students at Kenai Middle School, who witnessed Newcomb masturbating in a vehicle in the school parking lot

Newcomb was arrested on similar charges in April of 2011 after reportedly committing similar acts at area drive-thru coffee shop.

Sentencing in this case is scheduled for June 21st

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5 Comments to “Newcomb Accepts Plea Deal in Indecent Exposure Case”

  • Happy mama says:

    And he is now a registered sex offender!!!!! FINALLY!!

  • Mike says:

    Why oh why do we let these people plead out to lesser offenses, he was charged with more than one count, convict him of what he was charged for! We need to stop letting these attorneys, who are all fishing buddies and friends, make these BS deals in court in favor of the criminals. So what he will be registered, he will be back out on the streets among you and your children. Do you really think he will stop doing what he does, do you really think this was the first time he did this and was caught?

  • Amy says:

    Is this really going to make him a registered sex offender?? It’s pleaded down… So is that a sex crime still?? Though he was doing to to barely of age coffee girls & it was middle school girls who caught him this time. Should have been charge with something about children!

  • Happy mama says:

    It was not pleaded down. It was the original charge of indecent exposure masturbating in front of victim under 16

    Yes he is defiantly required to register now.

  • Tim says:

    This will not stop him doing from doing again.