Newborn Heart Screening Bill Moving through State Legislature

Hearings on legislation sponsored by State Senator Peter Micciche of Soldotna aiming to require newborns be screened for congenital heart defects.

Micciche’s Senate Bill 87 would require that health care facilities that provide birthing services screen babies born there for heart defects before the babies are discharged. It also would require that the attending physician, midwife or other qualified professional order or perform confirmatory testing on newborns whose tests results are abnormal, as well as, provide advice to the parents or guardians about the “need for appropriate interventions.”


Parents or legal guardians, however, would have the option of refusing the screening or testing. The proposal would not apply to licensed facilities in the state that provide birthing services and have fewer than 50 beds until 2016.

SB 87 is being heard in the Senate Finance committee.


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