New Traffic Signals and K-Beach Pedestrian Path to be Discussed Tonight

The Alaska Department of Transpiration will be holding public meeting tonight to discuss a number of projects in the works for the Central Kenai Peninsula.

Scott Thomas, a DOT Project Engineer outlined a number of traffic signal projects set to be put in place for 2013 and 2014 that are a mixture of state/federal safety funded and federally funded signal upgrade projects…


Thomas: “Basically our signal projects are upgrades to all of the existing signals, and a new signal at Birch Street and the Sterling Highway near where the new park is planned. There’s also modifications the Binkley Street signal due to crash history and some of the demand at that intersection. One thing we are doing with traffic signals at Binkley Street and around the area is converting to flashing yellow arrows.”


DOT Project Engineer Cynthia Ferguson said that the state funded K-Beach Pedestrian pathway will also be a topic of discussion..


Ferguson: “This is the continuation of the previous project that’s already been constructed, and it will extend the pedestrian pathway from where it currently ends just east of Mallard Dr. and it will continue that pathway along the north side of K-Beach all the way to Cannery Rd. It will be a similar construction; it will be ten-foot wide paved pedestrian pathway. However, on this portion, we anticipate we will be able to achieve much more separation from the roadway, I know that was a concern with the first piece that was constructed, due to the utility conflicts, we weren’t able to achieve as much separation as I think folks were anticipating.


The public open house will be held tonight from 4:00 to 7:00pm at the Borough Assembly Chambers in Soldotna


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