New Soldotna Trails and Rec Master Plan Getting Good Feedback

The City of Soldotna is in the process of developing a new trails and recreation master plan to help guide the city in the future.


Casey: “Well we’ve had a lot of input in what people like and what they think we need more of in the community. Most of all, what we’ve heard is people need more options for recreation during the winter or during poor winter, so we’ve heard a lot about that, as well as needing to connect our facilities together with more trails and better ways to connect.”


Nancy Casey with Casey Planning and Design is the consultant working with the city on the new plan, outlined the next step in this process..


Casey: “Well right now, we’re starting to work on developing the recommendations for which facilities and which new trails or new connections or new items will be built. We’re touching back with the community to help us prioritize and come up with a list of recommendations for the next three to five years, as well as more of a dream list of things that will come in the next twenty-years.”

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