New Soldotna Library Opens Today

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The new Soldotna Library opened its doors to the public for the first time today.


Loretta Cobban was one of the first inside…




Cobban: “This is so much nicer, yeah, and bigger, of course.”


A modern fireplace, stone walls and movable seating filled the large space, but Cobban said she really liked…


Cobban: “The bookcases for one thing. This is really nice, and they’re down low, so you don’t have a whole, you know, up above. And, of course, being new, everything looks pretty nice.”


City Librarian Rachel Nash said it’d been a busy week, but the soft opening went off without a hitch…


Nash: “Looking at a lot of very full shelves. It looks like a real library, it’s just beautiful, and we’re heating up the fireplace, so I hope everyone comes on in and enjoys the fire and it’s just gorgeous outside, too. We’ve been watching the sun rise in our beautiful windows here and it’s an amazing place to be in the morning.”


The Grand Opening is scheduled for January 18th from 2-4pm.



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