New Senate Resource Chair Comments on Alaska Competitiveness

The new republican lead senate majority has begun the process of organizing the caucus leading up to the beginning of the upcoming legislative session. Sen. Cathy Giessel who represents Senate Seat N, which encompasses Nikiski, Seward, and portions of South Anchorage, has been name the chair of the Senate Resource Committee. Giessel said that one issues facing the state is competitiveness in the oil and gas industry…


Sen. Giessel(R-Anchorage): “Making Alaska competitive, which ties back to Alaska hire and Alaska jobs, because certainly  if our production on the North Slope is continuing to wain, we are losing our youth. I know that there are kids from Soldotna and Kenai that have moved to North Dakota, there are families that are being split up as the bread winners have to move to North Dakota to find work, and families that are left here are having to move themselves. So we’re actually breaking up families, we’re losing our young people, because we don’t have those challenging good paying jobs up here as our production declines.” 





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