New Regulations Open Moose Hunt

At the March meeting of the Alaska Board of Game in Kenai, moose hunters were liberated a little after several years of more conservative restrictions. Board Chair Ted Spraker explained…


Spraker: “What the board finally decided was, this next fall the season will allow, this is all of units 7 and 15 so our whole area, the seasons are the same except that we added spike. So you can only take a spike bull, or a bull with 50-inch antlers or greater, or four or more brow tines on at least one side.”


Spraker said that nutritional concerns for moose in Unit 15A have prompted the changes…


Spraker: “When you have habit concerns, and you have a building bull to cow ratio, which we caused because of the last two-years because of the 50-inch four brow tine restrictions. That virtually stopped moose hunting on the Kenai, because the bull cow ratio in the previous years was down to nine bulls to the hundred cows. So when the board looked at all these different statistics, we decided that we need to harvest a few more bulls, because in 15A especially, the bull to cow ratio was reaching 30 plus bulls to the hundred cows.”

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