New Bonuses Offered for Pick.Click.Give

The Pick.Click.Give program is getting bigger every year. Program Manager Heather Beaty told us that this year they’re adding a financial bonus…


Beaty: “This year, we’re offering some incentives to the non-profits who do the most to increase the fundraising they do through Pick.Click.Give. Organizations that are new to the list this year are eligible to win an additional $2,500 if they are the new organization who raises the most money, and three organizations will be eligible to win $5,000 for increasing, percentage-wise, the most money raised over their total from last year.”


Beaty said the aim is to make sure every Alaskan knows they can use part of their Permanent Fund Dividend to donate to local charities, and if you’ve already completed your PFD application…


Beaty: “You can log back in to your PFD application on the state website, and you’ll see a green button on the right-hand side of the website that says ‘Add or Change a Donation,’ and it takes just a few seconds to log back in and add a new contribution.”

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